Space Available

Ample space for the following events and more…

SANCTUARY: Seating capacity: 100

  •      Weddings
  •      Funerals
  •      Baptisms
  •      Confirmations
  •      Other Congregations:
    •           Substitute sanctuary in time of need.  Schedule to be arranged.
    •           Long term on a shared basis. Scheduling to be arranged.
  •      Concerts, recitals or rehearsals.

FELLOWSHIP HALL:  Seating capacity: 60

  •      Gatherings for sanctuary events above.
  •      Family gatherings – birthdays, dinners, reunions, etc.
  •      Classes – art, yoga, tie chi, first aid, self help, etc.
  •      Lectures, recitals, rehearsals, meetings
  •      Art or Craft Shows.

PARKING LOT: 25 spaces

  •      Flea Market, small fairs or shows, summer & fall.

Heat, air conditioning, electricity, toilets, tables, 10 folding chairs and parking included.  Sound system, piano and additional amenities available by request.
Suggested contribution: $50 per/hr each facility. Donations only.Contact Mitch McIntire at (215) 598-3661 to reserve your date/time.